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“ I have, knowingly, been a snorer for the past 27 years. Over the years I’ve tried everything from sprays to chinstraps. None of them were very effective however. I tried a mandibular advancement device with some decent results but I found it really hard to tolerate throughout the night and rarely managed to keep it in all night.

I always hoped that, someday, someone would introduce a procedure that could tighten the vibrating soft palate at the back of my throat, that I knew I had, without any pain or any other type of uncomfortable side effects.

So, when I first read about the NightLase treatment it sounded like the exact type of treatment I always hoped would come along. It almost sounded too good to be true but I decided to look into it further.

I made an appointment the surgery in Tunbridge Wells and went along for my initial consultation.

The receptionist was really warm and friendly and I felt instantly reassured. Dr Jay Robinson came out to reception to greet me and took me through to her consulting room, she was so friendly she put me completely at ease. She has a very relaxing, gentle approach and was consistently reassuring during my examination. Dr Robinson spent considerable time explaining the procedure to me, and all aspects around it. She answered all the questions I had and whatever doubts I may have had entering the clinic, I was convinced after a relatively short time that it was the right thing for me to do.

On my next visit to the clinic I underwent my first NightLase treatment. I had all kinds of pre-conceptions as to what it would feel like and I was prepared to suffer somewhat for the benefit afterwards. In all honesty, I had nothing to worry about. The treatment itself lasted about half an hour and both Dr Robinson and her assistant were excellent. Highly professional but at the same time reassuringly friendly. I felt no pain nor discomfort at all whilst Dr Robinson was carrying out the procedure, I almost couldn’t believe it. If someone had told me how easy it would be, I probably would not have believed them due to my sceptical nature. But it really was so simple. Totally and completely, 100% pain free. Once finished, my throat felt a little dry but nothing more than that.

Going to bed that night I felt sure that my throat was bound to feel worse in the morning. Forever the optimist. It didn’t. I was amazed.

All subsequent treatments were exactly the same.

After my first visit, Jay suggested that I may like to download an app which tracked and recorded my snoring. I did so and can see from the results how my snoring has diminished. After 3 treatments my ‘snore score’ has gone from a whopping 163 down to just 30 (the average person having a snore score of around 25).

But it’s more than that. I slowly began to realise that I was no longer waking up in the middle of the night. Previously I would have woken on multiple occasions but now I tend not to wake until the morning. Also, I realised that I am not falling asleep on the sofa whilst watching TV in the evenings. This, prior to my treatments, was almost guaranteed. The better sleep has given me a noticeable energy boost too. Working outdoors on my garden was never a thing I felt motivated to do, but in the last few weeks I have spent lots of time out in the fresh air with great energy levels.

I thought that snoring was just about me making a loud noise when I slept, highly irritating to those around me, leading to me becoming a social outcast when it was time to go to bed. It’s so much more than that though. It has had an untold detrimental effect on my energy levels that I had not even been aware of.

The results so far have been amazing and I haven’t finished the course of treatments yet. Even if I saw no further improvement from where I am now, I would be very happy with what has been achieved. I know though, that things will get even better and I would implore anyone who has suffered from snoring for a long time (and it is the person who snores that suffers, not just the people who hear it), to get in touch with Snoring Solutions and see for yourself the positive impact that Dr Robinson and her brilliant team can have on your life.”

Chris G

“I can’t speak highly enough about Snoring Solutions. The staff are just amazing and looked after us so well throughout. Nothing was too much trouble and they really took the time to explain everything. And most importantly, the treatment really worked! By which I really mean worked for my husband.... which benefits me! His snoring has definitely reduced, so I’m getting much better sleep at night and far less interruption. Thumbs up all round! “

Anna, Camden

“The whole experience at Snoring Solutions has been has consistently professional, friendly and, above all, the treatments have been effective and had a very positive impact on my life and my wife’s sleep too! They have put me at ease throughout the process and have been very clear about every step of the procedure. It’s neither painful nor unpleasant and Dr.Robinson also has a very gentle, yet effective touch. The practice is the best I have been to and has helpful, informative and polite staff. I highly recommend.”

Ed, London