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What is snoring and what causes it?

When we sleep our body relaxes and snoring is the noise caused by the vibration of our nose, throat and tongue.
There are thought to be 3.9 million snorers in the UK, and 85% of them remain undiagnosed.  Factors that make snoring more likely are being overweight, drinking alcohol, taking sleeping medication, smoking and sleeping on your back.


How does NightLase® therapy work?

You lie in the chair and the laser’s gentle heating stimulates collagen remodelling at the back of your mouth. This firms up sagging structures such as the soft palate and the uvula, which increases the size of the airway.  After the treatment the collagen continues to tighten up for about a month.


What does NightLase® therapy feel like and do I need anaesthetic?

It’s not painful but it is a warm and prickly feeling.  We don’t use any anaesthetic as it’s not needed and you must be able to feel the warm sensation during treatment. Heat is good. It means the procedure is being effective.


How long does NightLase® therapy take?

Treatment lasts for 20 minutes and we repeat this three times over two months.  You can go straight back to work after the treatments and eat and drink normally.


What will it be like for me over the next few days?

You may feel a slight tingling or dryness in the back of your throat for a couple of days, but you can eat, drink and speak normally. You need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.


How long does NightLase® therapy last?

Results last anywhere from 9 to 15 months, so we recommend a yearly maintenance treatment.


Will NightLase® therapy work for me?

Thousands of patients have already received Nightlase treatment, with a 75-85% success rate for appropriate cases. Some patients experience more than a 50% reduction in snoring after just one treatment.


What makes me unsuitable for NightLase® therapy?

If you smoke, are obese, or consume a high amount of alcohol you reduce your chances of success.

How does a mandibular advancement splint work?

It holds your lower jaw forward in a stable position to open the airway.


What does the treatment involve?

We take an upper and lower impression or a digital scan of your mouth and send it to the laboratory. The advancement splint is a two-piece appliance that has a soft inner liner. It hooks together at the front of your mouth and you can slowly advance your lower jaw forward.


Are there any conditions that prevent me having a mandibular advancement splint?

Yes, If you are epileptic, have poor dental health or suffer with jaw pain known as TMD.


Is there anything else I should know?

Before we start any treatment we will carefully screen you for signs and symptoms that may indicate you have obstructive sleep apnea.  If we identify them we will assess your suitability for Nightlase and any other treatment, and refer you to your GP.
Come and see us and we will be very happy to assess your snoring and see how we can help you.